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Yoga Teacher training

Yoga Teacher training: Find your independent spirit
5 March – 27 March, 2018

Join this course for something a little unconventional, definitely impactful and a journey with yourself (and us of course) that will
This course is designed to bring you to your intuitive creative self – to find your independent spirit! and teach from the source of that combined with a firm foundation in traditional knowledge of Yoga spirit. This is not an asana course alone!

This is an ADVANCED course to develop your quality of mind. We focus on time spent applying yogic techniques, experience is key. This is a practical, applied awareness and philosophical course that will force you to think about everything you have taken for granted, change the way you see the world and operate in it!
You will discover your essence of BEING, explore the usefulness of the tools of yoga for managing lifes’ challenges and hone your teaching skills.
This course is designed by Kerry Weavind and has been run with huge success for more than 11 years. Kerry has successfully owned and run two yoga studios in Johannesburg since 2004. Her passion for yoga is defined by surpassing intellectual and physical boundaries to find freedom.

We are not a regular teacher training course: the asanas are not our focus…they are a tool among many other profound tools which can be applied to find your inner freedom! With that, teaching becomes a natural part of the process and your voice finds its natural expression based on your personal experience. Teachers who come out of our courses have a quality to them that surpasses learning how to teach asana. This course will encourage you to dig deep and use the tools of yoga as tools! You will have fun and also work seriously, deliberately to develop your mind. You will be lighter when you complete this course, and we believe, a lot wiser! 

Here is what two people say who recently graduated:
Generous and authentic, Kerry’s teacher training was powerful and transformative, it was also fun, with great moments of pure joy and laughter. The whole course was broken down into 4 capsules with time off in between, which gave me space to learn, digest, unlearn and question. At my own pace.
Kerry’ s teaching encouraged autonomy in a safe environment, where it felt ok to share experiences and to grow. The course certainly helped me deepen my understanding of what yoga is , and, perhaps more importantly, it also made me want to explore further.
I loved it and am very grateful, thank you!
Valerie Bireloze

I have just completed the Indie Yoga 200 hr teacher training. The whole course was just wonderful for me. Packed full of information, insight and wisdom and offered under the patient, honest and real guidance of Kerry. Every day there was a new and exciting way to learn, I also met other great students and teachers, who all brought their own unique inspiring knowledge. The course was very transformative for me, I chose to do the course for purposes of healing, insight and experience, and I was not ever disappointed, my expectations were exceeded. Parts of the course were challenging, but there was always good advice and support available and I have become stronger for it. I am hugely grateful I did this course and my passion for Yoga continues with real direction and sound knowledge.

Whether you are a beginner, or have already done Yoga training, there is more than enough for everybody at any level to experience, explore, grow and flourish.Ashley Burns

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Let me know your thoughts and I am looking forward to working with you!

SIGN UP NOW! email Kerry@indieyoga.co.za

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