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Yoga styles

There is a perfect style of yoga for you!
If you want a “taster” of each style, why not join us for our 1 week special to try out a few of the styles available and see where you fit in?

ALL yoga on the mat is hatha yoga. The different styles approach yoga with a different goal in mind or a particular focus from the broad spectrum of yoga philosophy….simply….many paths to the same place.

Indie Yoga

Connecting you with your Independent Spirit!

All forms of asana practice are practices to purify the body so the body is lighter to carry. Indie Yoga is true to this principle and attempts to give the most balanced experience in every class.

An Indie Yoga class is asanas sequenced to challenge you – if not physically, then perhaps emotionally or mentally. Through Indie Yoga you can safely play with your boundaries so when life challenges you past them, you are already mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to gracefully experience and learn and grow.

This style of yoga offers the oportunity to work through your body to understand your internal dialogue. It works on your defaults and habit patterns of your mind toward freedom.

It offers experience to observe, work with and persevere through the physical to understand mental or emotional blockages in a non-violent, compassionate way.

Each class takes on the philosophy of yoga and turns it into a practical experience for you to understand a little more about yourself. Each class plants seeds for discrimination(jnana yoga), offers opportunities to work with your minds’ busy-ness (raja yoga), in a devotional self-honoring life-honoring way (bhakti yoga).

Independence arrives through observation, understanding, discrimination and discipline to apply that knowing – it’s wisdom for life.

It is yoga that plays into consciousness – empowerment through the body.

Play in these paths of yoga toward freedom.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Dynamic breath synchronised practice

Ashtanga yoga is a blend of discipline and free flowing movement called Vinyasa.

With regular practice it offers the yoga student the experience of meditation in movement. It is a highly technical practice of the same set sequence, allowing you to understand the sequence and work on all the layers until they culminate in one delicious experience of concious awareness!

It is Dynamic, requires strength and builds strength. Beginners find Ashtanga hectic – it is part of the design, to work on your mind toward a calm in the chaos. It requires perseverance and patience, two qualities that you will learn if you take on this form of yoga ! The challenge of this form of yoga is that it easily becomes a project of the ego, something to win over and achieve over – a friendly reminder!

This practice, daily, 99% on the mat, creates a pure quality of mind! It is fundamental in changing the texture of energy of the mental body!


Hatha yoga asanas are represented in all other styles of yoga.

All yoga is hatha yoga.
Hatha yoga is one limb of 8 limbs of the raja yoga system to finding bliss. In this context the yoga is about finding steady easy pose toward meditation – using asana we ready the body for meditation practices. All yoga styles are offshoots of hatha yoga. Some focus more on the phsycial aspects of yoga and others more traditionally align the body for pranayama and more advanced practices of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Hatha yoga is traditionally a slower, pose by pose approach without much vinyasa/breath synchronised flow.


Budokon is hatha flow with a unique circular martial arts influence.

“Budokon Yoga is best described as a transition based Yoga flow with continuous circular rotation. Our Yoga style honors its traditional roots of Hatha Yoga while bringing a completely unique Martial Arts circular influence, creating a seamless transition. The movements and postures include traditional Yoga asana (up dog, down dog, warrior’s, crow, wheel, shoulderstand, etc.) and unique Budokon techniques like spinal rolling, rolling wave, cobra roll, cobra hood, flying warrior, dancing dog, warrior’s bridge, animal locomotion and much more. There is a focus on developing a seated meditation practice and the ability to observe our thoughts, words and actions. The name Budokon was created by its founder, Kancho Cameron Shayne. It was taken from the Japanese language: Bu (meaning warrior), Do (meaning the way), Kon (meaning the spirit or soul). This translates as “the way of the warrior spirit”.

Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic hatha yoga class that is challenging and interesting. This is a breath syncronised yoga class, the challenge is to slow down the breath to move your body with the breath. Inbetween poses are held for short periods of time to continue flowing through the sequence. These classes can entertain you, push you to try new poses and expand your expectations of yourself. They can tempt you to forget the essence of yoga which is sthira sukha asanam: steady easy pose but even this can be achieved in a vinyasa class! Some vinyasa classes can be slower and gentler, some faster and intensity will vary so you really just have to do them all. No two vinyasa classes will ever be the same!


The holistic approach

The Jivamukti yoga method was founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life to address the need for a holistic yoga practice that nourishes the mental and spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the yogic practitioner. The word Jivamukti means liberated individual soul and this style of practice consistently seeks to remind us of and re-inforce our efforts towards the ultimate goal of yoga that is the attainment of enlightenment or true liberation. Jivamukti is know as an integrated practice in that it incorporates teaching from the all the four main branches of yoga: Bhakti (devotional intention), Karma (action), Jhana (meditation) and Raja (aka Patanjali’s 8-limbed path). A typical Jivamukti class will consist of a short discourse, a challenging physical practice and at least 5 mins of meditation.

Yin Yoga

This is a gentle, therapeutic style of yoga that uses props to support the body to deepen the benefits of the poses. It is a soothing and nurturing practice that promotes the effects of conscious relaxation.


Forrest Yoga is about “what’s going on right now and addressing it”. Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my gift to the world?

Forrest Yoga honours and celebrates the beauty of life and the power of Spirit. It is an inspiring yoga workout that builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping deepen the relationship with your authentic self
Forrest yoga is based on traditional hatha yoga, with certain deviations that are more appropriate for students of today. Students are encouraged to breath into tight spots or places where they feel stagnant energy in order to free up emotional issues that may be stored there.

Forrest Yoga gets you strong and centred by connecting you to your core (one word: abdominals). The long holds in the pose sequence help flush, oxygenate and rejuvenate every cell in the body. There is no prerequisite for strength or flexibility, only a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. As you advance in Forrest Yoga, one learns to intelligently ride your breath into the thrilling advanced poses. Forrest Yoga is about learning to work honestly with yourself at your edge, whilst developing effective tools to deal with fear, struggle and breakthroughs, making it possible for integrity, self -awareness and playful curiosity to become part of your daily life.
Join us for a Forrest Yoga class and become fascinated with yourself


The props, blocks and straps yoga

A form of yoga that uses props to aid every body into each posture, focussing on alignment technique right down to the mind in your baby toe! Workshops are offered at the studio.

Yoga Fundamentals

Strengthening the foundation of your asana practice

Yoga fundamentals is about strengthening the foundations of your asana practice. We slow things down so that you can analyse your postures and transitions to identify bad habits, misalignment and gaps in our understanding of asana practice. This is achieved by exploring the bio-mechanical reasons for why we do certain things in our practice as well as how certain adjustments impact on the total system. This style of class is designed to give you the time and space to get to grips with underlying principles that are present in all asanas and is useful for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Expect some warming sun salutations, a bit of vinyasa flow, focus on selected postures, some questions and answers and, of course, savasana 🙂

Synergy Yoga

Yoga infused with a feeling of tai chi

Yoga Synergy is a comprehensive system for practicing and teaching traditional yoga for the modern body. The practice of yoga brings awareness to the self and awakens the heart and soul of the individual. The more we practice yoga, the more we awaken and are able to guide others in this process of realizing our incredible human vitality. Practice is the key, and at Yoga Synergy we use methods to make the practice safe, responsive, dynamic, meditative and fun so that it is becomes a lifetime practice, enhancing and bringing joy to all aspects of life.

Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, both advanced yoga practitioners, experienced teachers and physiotherapists, have spent 30 years developing a scientifically based method for practicing and teaching traditional yoga, called the ‘Yoga Synergy System’. This system offers a yoga practice that is accessible to all, easy to understand and to teach. At the same time it is a challenging practice that develops strength, flexibility, fitness, internal health and a meditative flow.