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Walk into wellness. Choose a therapy to work with, or a therapist, and we will take you on a journey with yourself or book in for a retreat.

All bookings for the below are at Fourways studio: contact info@indieyoga.co.za or the number listed below for the therapist: these therapists book rooms as required.

SoleWise Reflexology: with Brian Wagner
www.solewise.co.za Brian 0832501875

This is an interesting and profound experience through the feet. Brian interprets the language of your feet and often highlights factors that are sitting within us that we haven’t managed yet to formulate words for. Makes for easy digesting of lifes’ blind spots.

Therapeutic yoga/1 on 1 private yoga sessions
A yoga session tailored to specific body needs to help the body process and heal ailments through appropriate movement. No ailment is necessary, the session serves to take you deeper into your body through observation of habits, tendency toward holding onto tension, areas of contracted or dense energy. The therapist looks into the body deeply to undo learned responses and open up the body. Kerry 0848004444

Intuitive Healing
A discussion / counselling session to work through problem areas of your life with an intuitive healer, who will guide and prompt you into deeper awareness or understanding of the locked up areas of your life. Withyour permission! Contact Kerry 084 800 4444

Diet and Nutrition: the yogic way
Consultations are offered to guide your way on a yogic lifestyle journey relating to nourishing your body and pranic energy through mindfull eating habits. The advice relates to your relationship with food, habits and comforts and not necessarily your calorie intake. The advice works well in conjunction with yoga classes.