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About Renata Kuzak – kundalini yoga teacher

Kundalini Yoga helps us open ourselves up to the gift of consciousness, welcoming love and healing, we can start remembering our true essence. Merging the finite with the infinite and becoming limitless Divine beings living more full and complete lives.

About Renata Kuzak:

Since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed yoga, particularly Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. It wasn’t until I discovered Kundalini Yoga, that a deep love affair emerged.


I was lucky to do my teachers training with Pritam Khalsa who was a student of Yogi Bhajan ( Spiritual teacher and Master of Kundalini Yoga).

Each day I learn more about this especially wholesome practice and love sharing my discoveries with my students. The more I practice the Kriyas, the more I understand the magic of these perfected recipes.

I am incredibly fascinated with the unifying dance of mind, body and soul through the practice of Yoga.

The dedicated use of asana, pranayama, bhandas, mantra, mudras, meditation and visualization can truly transform us to reach our true potential.  This ancient technology of awareness allows us to explore and further understand the science behind the mind, heart, breath, the chakras, the nadis, meridians, the tattvas, our 10 bodies and so much more.

It’s not how flexible you are physically, it’s how flexible you are as a whole.

Renata Kuzak kundalini yoga teacher

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