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About Lexi Meier – expressive Indie Yoga teacher

Lexi Meier teaches Indie Yoga as expressive yoga.

Lexi Meier, born in Johannesburg, began her journey to the body through theatre. With a Masters of Arts degree in Choreography from Rhodes University (2015), Meier found herself connecting to embodied knowledge on a theoretic and expressive level. Her works Fabric of the Universe (2016) and Down to a Sunless Sea (2017) won multiple Fringe Festival awards, after which a lifelong interest in yoga and embodied practice led her to her certification in a 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training course from Indie Yoga cc in 2017.

For Meier Yoga is a tool of personal empowerment, expression, release and healing.


Yin-TRE Fusion

Catch this class on Tuesdays at 9am

This class combines the gentle internal process of Yin Yoga with TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise). The TRE process activates the body’s natural mechanisms for releasing stress and trauma: through a few simple movements the body starts to tremmor (slight shaking or twitching) which allows the nervous system to ‘shake off’ held or stored tension. This promotes a more integrated awareness of one’s being. Through Yin asana and this tremmoring process any yoga enthusiast may reconnect with muscles that have been forgotten, grow their window of tolerance for external stresses and, most wonderfully, accept with love and compassion the deeper parts of ones being. Lexi Meier, certified yoga teacher and TRE provider, offers you this safe space to process and release, to welcome home deep forgotten parts of yourself, to connect with your individual truth in a held and controlled environment. If you have questions or would like more information contact Lexi Meier on 079 390 7249

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