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Kerry Weavind – experienced yoga teacher

From Kerry:

” I created Indie Yoga out of inspiration gained from all yoga towards being free – free in my body, innovative in my thinking, courageous in my Spirit. But, my focus has always been how to translate this to an experience that will inspire people. I believe I have a knack for taking information, grinding it into something relevant, challenging assumptions and encouraging ownership of Self.  My passion has always been the mind, how to tame it, manage it, and quieten it for the bigger picture and in the past 5 years, this passion has evolved into leaving the mind to a secondary place and focusing on vibration and living from this larger perspective. You can expect to be moved physically, challenged mentally and introduced to your vibration, and ways to let this rule your experience of life, as a person, as a yoga teacher, and as a leader.   ”

Expect Spirit, mind, body !

An experienced yoga teacher yoga journey: It’s been 20 years! 

Kerry’s yoga took her from New York (1998) to East Timor, to India, Peru, Sri Lanka and South Africa where she taught and studied internationally. Kerry has studied with the International Yoga Vedanta Center in their first and advanced trainings in India and France, and a list too long to list here.

In South Africa, since 2002, Kerry Weavind founded Haum of Yoga and then Indie Yoga, for yoga enthusiasts who look for the ‘more than exercise’ benefits of yoga. Kerrys’ focus is moksha – freedom from the small self.

Since 2004, she has trained teachers, introduced a number of styles to the South African yoga market including ashtanga vinyasa yoga and (former) Anusara yoga with a handful of international Yoga teachers hosted by Indie Yoga as well as pioneering creative workshop concepts like Iyengar Yoga for Ashtangi’s. Kerry has also written a number of articles and appeared in magazines and on television promoting Yoga to mainstream viewers. She has appeared on Top Billing, Free Spirit among others, and has represented the power of yoga in most leading magazines including Marie Claire, Destiny Magazine, Women and Home and she has personally written articles for Odyssey magazine and Complete Yoga magazine among others.

Kerry’s passion for yoga lies in excavating ones Truth from the clutter of personality to experience independent bliss. Yoga as a lifestyle is attractive to Kerry – seeing the world as a way through which to heal, a resetting every day to a positive and open outlook, transmuting blockages and obstacles and to live life from Spirit.


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