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Erica Herz – teaches with heart


Erica creates a safe and non-competitive space for her students to help them discover the benefits of yoga. Her classes offer creative sequences from gentle to more vigorous, depending on the abilities of the students. She likes to experiment with asanas but also plays with meaningful quotes, mudras and pranayama techniques to create a nurturing environment for her students so they can reach their potential.


Erica speaks German, Spanish, Portuguese and English but most importantly; she speaks from the heart every time she’s on her mat. Her classes include variations for all levels.

Born in Buenos Aires to German father and an Argentinian mother, Erica has embraced the international spirit from a very young age. She’s lived in Argentina, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and since 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Erica began practicing yoga while studying in Buenos Aires but only got hooked to it in 2008, after giving birth to her youngest daughter in Belgium. She instantly recognized the benefits yoga had to offer on a physical level and the deeper she committed to the practice; the more she embraced the overall benefits she gained from it.


 “Yoga helped me to heal my injuries (physically and emotionally), to find myself and to forgive myself. It has opened many doors that seemed closed and has taught me to connect to other people with compassion and empathy. I learned how to deepen my own practice and to understand that the practice of yoga helps us to unravel certain aspects of our true selves through asanas, pranayama and meditation. I know now that it is better to find peace within oneself and to actually let go of anything we hold that does not suit us. The beauty of Yoga is that the perfection lies within us, on our mats and in our lives. Yoga taught me to remain genuine and spontaneous and I feel encouraged to share my love for yoga amongst my friends and students.”


She holds a 200 hour and a 500 hour teaching certification, specializing in Hatha and Vinyasa style. She is also a certified Aerial Yoga teacher and is registered with the Yoga Alliance International.  Erica is currently studying to become a Yoga therapist.


“I feel honored to teach yoga because I truly believe that the regular practice brings balance, awareness, health and happiness to our very busy lives”


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