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TESTIMONIALS for Indie Yoga Online

TESTIMONIALS: Hear testimonials from some of our students about Indie Yoga and about the online experience of yoga with Indie Yoga and our team of teachers. For our schedule and pricing please click through. This testimonial from a recent yoga convert, In October 2019 I needed to make some big changes in my life, I […]

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Yoga Essentials – Yoga in Action class experience with Bruce Burger

Yoga essentials: Our YOGA101 workshop was so well received that Bruce wanted to offer a follow up class to pull the ‘beginner/foundational’ knowledge all into one full experience. If you missed the workshop, you can come and experience the concise version in this mini beginner essentials class: August 4th: Yoga In Action – The Essentials 11am […]

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Yoga 101 – beginners course or review with Bruce Burger

Yoga – 101 – Getting Yoga Right (for beginners or for review)  Beginners, learn the basic essentials of yoga over 2 weekends, with Bruce Burger. You will learn how to practice yoga safely and confidently, with a natural intelligence to your practice. You will also learn the following:- The essentials of poses, how to free […]

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How yoga helps rewire the rules that define us

Join Indie Yoga and Indie Hot Yoga for a free talk for your mental wellbeing about “How yoga helps us rewrite and rewire the rules that define us” The catch: this free talk follows a yoga class of your choice and FREE soup in the informal format of this talk. Your choice of yoga is: 5pm […]

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Fundamentals of Yoga practice

Fundamentals of Yoga practice: Join beginners and advanced practitioners in starting from the beginning – this is an opportunity to understand things that might not get discussed in a yoga practice due to time constraints or not wanting to alter a meditative mood with a lot of information. Learn the basics in attitude, focus, awareness […]

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Beginner Beginners Yoga Q&A session to alleviate intimidation and worry

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Are you a beginner to Yoga? to your body? to your absolute best health and fun you can have in your body? As a beginner to yoga we know it might be intimidating to show up for that first yoga class in a yoga studio, so this workshop is for you. We will work out […]

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