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Trauma informed life

Trauma: “I am not broken, the programming is.” I am developing a theory, for parents, not proven except by my own experience – the age your child gets to that is the age of your own major trauma, is when you will have to without a doubt, deal with it. Trauma informed rules for living […]

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August Sivananda Yoga Challenge – tapas through daily yoga

August Challenge – tapas through daily Sivananda yoga In yoga, we are engaging with the concept TAPAS…which has been translated to mean several things from austerity (strong discipline) to unwavering enthusiasm (Donna Farhi) or burning enthusiasm. I like to think of it as a fire in your belly for the understanding of and awakening into […]

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Can there be too much ‘yogi’s choice’?

Can there be too much ‘yogi’s’ choice? There is a definite trend lately in the yoga culture in Johannesburg, South Africa that is encompassed in the catch phrase ‘yogi’s choice’. I have heard this statement a lot outside of Indie Yoga, in classes where a teacher guides to follow his or her instructions but ends […]

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