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21 day detox with Kerry Weavind

21 DAY DETOX WITH KERRY WEAVIND DETOX/RESET CHALLENGE: 27 January 2020 Many of us feel ready for this reset….DETOX BODY MIND AND SPIRIT: What are our choices for feeding our body and mind and spirit? We reset with these choices: BODY MIND AND SPIRIT: daily yoga (any class) and SPIRIT MIND BODY: daily japa meditation […]

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Eating Ritual

THE EATING RITUAL: A WINDOW INTO YOUR MIND BODY RELATIONSHIP AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE When last did you sit down with yourself, and make an offering to your digestive goddess, to feed and nourish both your body and your spirit – as an act of conscious loving support for yourself? When last did you prepare an […]

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Kapha Crushing Spring Cleanse: and Ayurvedic /yoga workshop

KAPHA CRUSHING SPRING CLEANSE: AN AYURVEDIC/YOGA WORKSHOP In Ayurveda, the transition from winter to spring signifies many things including renewal, growth, a fresh beginning. We witness this transformation as new buds appear on the trees, flowers begin to sprout through the soil, the hardness of winter begins to soften and grass once again begins to […]

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