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Yoni Puja – a tantric celebration for women

JOHANNESBURG  – SUNDAY  28 OCTOBER 2018   A Tantric Celebration for Women, with VALENTINA LEO  Y O N I  P U J A THE WONDERMENT & THE MYSTERY OF FEMALE GENITALIA  “Women are divine,  Women are life, Women are true jewels. Always have intercourse with a woman and meditate. That which will be revealed to you is the whole […]

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The Power of Breath Awareness

The Power of Breath Awareness Breath is central to yoga because it is central to life. ….. and yoga is about life. Krishnamacharya We are all breathing, always. But seldom aware of our breathing – without knowing whether we are breathing erratically, more on the inhale or the exhale, with force or quiet calm, we […]

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