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Create a home space – develop a home yoga practice

CREATE YOUR PERSONAL SPACE IN YOUR HOME  …. BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR YOGA MAT ….   Develop a home yoga practice 1. Create a personal space in your home that is easily accessible daily (you won’t rearrange furniture daily so eliminate this obstacle and have your space ready) 2. If you can, leave your mat on […]

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Order of Inkari Healing Circle

The Order of Inkari Healing Circle Sacred Andean tradition   Come and join us for a group healing experience!    In this Inkari healing circle, we will invoke the energies of the High Andes, the Elements and the principles of Andean Cosmology, to bring balance to all aspects of ourselves so that we may heal […]

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Red Tent Naked Yoga Ceremony

This full moon red tent is hosted by Indie Yoga with Kerry Weavind facilitating a naked yoga ceremony. The red tent full moon gathering is always a sharing space around the subject of blood wisdom. Janaki Ra is the facilitator of these monthly events though won’t be with us this full moon. We will share […]

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