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Prana expansion with Kerry Weavind

PRANA VAYUS BANDHA MUDRA   A pranayama experience with Kerry Weavind prana – vital life force. ayama – control of                                  learn to connect to this powerful force within you and to make it work for you.     Join […]

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Time to Breathe

NOVEMBER: MORE TIME TO BREATHE In a month where we get incredibly distracted with trying to tie up loose ends for the year – we stop living in the present as the future pulls us forward. This year-end distraction is a letting go of the tools we have to stay present, expanded and calm, while […]

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The Power of Breath Awareness

The Power of Breath Awareness Breath is central to yoga because it is central to life. ….. and yoga is about life. Krishnamacharya We are all breathing, always. But seldom aware of our breathing – without knowing whether we are breathing erratically, more on the inhale or the exhale, with force or quiet calm, we […]

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