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Soundscape with Paul Boyter and Tracy Mathews

What is SoundScape? A SoundScape session is a soothing meditative experience designed to settle the 3 known tensions – Physical tension, mental tension and emotion tension. Participants are invited to lay on their backs on comfortable bedding that they them-selves have provided. Once settled Participants are guided through a series of relaxation techniques to further […]

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Create a home space – develop a home yoga practice

CREATE YOUR PERSONAL SPACE IN YOUR HOME  …. BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR YOGA MAT ….   Develop a home yoga practice 1. Create a personal space in your home that is easily accessible daily (you won’t rearrange furniture daily so eliminate this obstacle and have your space ready) 2. If you can, leave your mat on […]

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Kerry Weavind Yoga Mentorship

Yoga mentorship with Kerry Weavind. Study with me, as a student or teacher to take yourself deeper on a journey through yoga.   Namaste beautiful beings, I want to invite you to an opportunity to learn with me, as a student or as a teacher. Why study with me?  I have been investigating the yoga […]

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