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Eating Ritual

THE EATING RITUAL: A WINDOW INTO YOUR MIND BODY RELATIONSHIP AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE When last did you sit down with yourself, and make an offering to your digestive goddess, to feed and nourish both your body and your spirit – as an act of conscious loving support for yourself? When last did you prepare an […]

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Sacred Cacao and Breathwork with Joanne Farrell

Sacred Cacao and breathwork experience: For millennia sacred cacao has been used by shamans, spirit seekers and traditional practitioners around the globe to help us to connect deeply with the heart and all that we are. Delve deep into the realm of the heart through a  Sacred Cacao and Breathwork experience like no other. An […]

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Love the skin you’re in pamper party

“Love the skin you’re in” pamper party brought to you by Indie Yoga and Indie Hot Yoga and   Have you heard the quote……? “There is nothing more beautiful than a person who has discovered their worth.” We wholeheartedly agree!   Please join us at Indie Yoga and Indie Hot Yoga on Saturday 11th May […]

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