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Celebrate the small wins

Celebrate the small wins It is often only in retrospect, that we fully celebrate moments that are long gone….in the moment, these very moments might be infused with struggle, emotion or expectations. Celebrate that you arrived for a yoga practice – and you can forget what happened once you were there. Some practices are sticky […]

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Time to Breathe

NOVEMBER: MORE TIME TO BREATHE In a month where we get incredibly distracted with trying to tie up loose ends for the year – we stop living in the present as the future pulls us forward. This year-end distraction is a letting go of the tools we have to stay present, expanded and calm, while […]

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21 Days: do yoga daily, live sattvic lifestyle. Clean up your act!

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What happens when you give yourself 21 days to clean up your act? 21 DAYS Do Yoga Daily Eat  FOOD FOR THOUGHT (sattvic lifestyle for 21 days) Course start: 18 April, 25 April, May 9th   Knowledge sessions: First two Saturdays: Saturdays from 9am – 12.30pm Do yoga daily at either studio within dates above. […]

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