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Reiki Yin Yoga

Reiki Yin Yoga Join Trans-Medium & Reiki Master, Juan Farah and Shamanic Energy Healer & Yoga teacher, Tammi Mitchell, for a virtual collaboration of Yin yoga & Reiki healing. Yin yoga is based on the Daoist concept that everything has it’s Yin & Yang aspect. It works with the 12 main body meridians (energy pathways) […]

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Trauma informed life

Trauma: “I am not broken, the programming is.” I am developing a theory, for parents, not proven except by my own experience – the age your child gets to that is the age of your own major trauma, is when you will have to without a doubt, deal with it. Trauma informed rules for living […]

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Stress? here is what you can do about it

Stressed? Here is what you can do about it! Stress is a feeling, an emotional reaction to internal & external events seemingly out of your control. Your biology is divinely designed to keep you safe & alive without your conscious effort or will. The dangers we face today are not the same dangers as our […]

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Personal Power Yoga Immersion with Kerry Weavind – Indie Yoga

Personal Power Yoga immersion LOVE yoga and think you need to do a teacher training? Nope. You can dive deep into all the wow of yoga without having to do the steps to teach. Make this a personal enrichment course of exploring how you can be more free in yourself, more empowered to respond instead […]

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Consciousness 108

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REGAINING CONSCIOUSNESS another enrichment course: A practice to create mindfulness, attention, knowing and as a result of all that: a path to intuition. Using yogic tools: Know your body. Know your breath. Know your mind. What is your mental diet? Join this course for less theory and more practical application of tools and techniques to […]

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