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Celebrate the small wins

Celebrate the small wins It is often only in retrospect, that we fully celebrate moments that are long gone….in the moment, these very moments might be infused with struggle, emotion or expectations. Celebrate that you arrived for a yoga practice – and you can forget what happened once you were there. Some practices are sticky […]

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Yoga Essentials – Yoga in Action class experience with Bruce Burger

Yoga essentials: Our YOGA101 workshop was so well received that Bruce wanted to offer a follow up class to pull the ‘beginner/foundational’ knowledge all into one full experience. If you missed the workshop, you can come and experience the concise version in this mini beginner essentials class: August 4th: Yoga In Action – The Essentials 11am […]

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Beginner Beginners Yoga Q&A session to alleviate intimidation and worry

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Are you a beginner to Yoga? to your body? to your absolute best health and fun you can have in your body? As a beginner to yoga we know it might be intimidating to show up for that first yoga class in a yoga studio, so this workshop is for you. We will work out […]

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