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Welcome to Indie Yoga.

FIRST TIMERS TO INDIE YOGA: enjoy your special offers to try out a variety of styles and teachers to find your fit.

Yoga at Indie Yoga will exercise your body, exercise your emotional intelligence, your relationship to yourself and life. 

  • Which package will suit me?

Packages/contracts are non-transferrable, and we have offered discounts on contracts and extended expiry dates, so we can inspire you to make a full commitment to your Indie Yoga Studio and so you can reap the benefits of a consistent, regular yoga practice. Choose the package that will help you uplevel your life.

  • Can I cancel/pause/reassign my package?

No package can be given to anyone else, be paused or cancelled. If you are unable to come to yoga for any reason, you can reallocate your current package to a new start date (when you can return if the prices are still the same) once payment is received for classes attended on the original package, charged at a drop in rate of R150 each, plus a R50 admin fee for the adjustment. Your first package start date will activate when you return. This is an option for returning students committed to Indie Yoga only.

  • When does my membership start?

Each package starts on the day you arrive for your first class. Remember to include that first day in your calculations.


  • Why a debit order contract?

With a debit order contract, you make a real commitment to your regular  yoga practice, this helps you to uplevel your life, and is an investment in your yoga studio. Once you sign the contract, we are committed to eachother and we are committed to honouring the lower price for the original 6 month term.

  • When does my debit order contract start?

This contract starts on the day you attend your first class AND with the debit order form signed and handed in to us. Debit order payments are drawn on 31st/1st of each month. If you start in the middle of the month, we will pro-rate that period for you and add it to your first payment. Your initial contract period will be 6 months plus the portion of your first month.

  • What if I change my mind about the contract in the initial 6 month period?
    • If you change your mind within the pro-rated time period prior to your first payment, your first payment will be the number of classes you have attended at drop in rate.
    • If you wish to stop your contract before the 6 month period is up, and after your first payment, we will charge a final payment of the balance (R225 per month used) to ease you out of your contract.
  • Can I cancel my contract?
    • Within the first 6 months, your contract can be upgraded to a zero commitment monthly unlimited fee for the months you have used. You will no longer be bound by the debit order once that payment has been received plus R100 admin fee.
    • If you have suffered an injury or illness, your contract can be paused with a Doctors note, until the time indicated on the Doctors note that it will be appropriate for you to return.
    • If you cancel your contract, and wish to reinstate it within a 4 months period thereafter, there will be a R500 reactivation fee.
  • What happens after 6 months?
    • To cancel your contract with us, after the initial 6 months contract, you will need to write to us at least 2 weeks prior to the 31st of the month and give us notice. If we don’t hear from you, your contract will simply keep on running month to month. If the debit order price increases in that time, your fee will also be increased accordingly.
  • Would Indie Yoga cancel the contract?
    • If payment bounces after 2 tries to retrieve funds and or the information you supply Indie Yoga with appears incorrect, and no resolution is made via email communication notifying you of the errors, your admission to the studio will be immediately prohibited.
  • What if my payment bounces?
    • If your payment bounces, you will be requested to do an EFT with a R50 late payment fee.
  • What if Indie Yoga closes?
    • Indie Yoga closes at year end over the festive season (no more than 10 days), on Easter and Christmas day. These days will not be refunded.
  • Information:
    • We can best serve you if you allow us to communicate with you so please ensure we have your current email address.
    • The onus is on you to tell us of your state of being: pregnant, injured, poor health so we can best align your yoga practices with your state of being.
  • Attending Indie Yoga after cancelling a contract?
    • You will be given the right to enter into another contract with us after cancelling your contract unless
      • Your contract was cancelled due to non-payment
      • You have arrears balances that you refuse to pay

Please read our NEW to yoga page if you are new: Beginners

FIRST TIME AT THE STUDIO:1 week unlimited yoga FIRST TIMER SPECIAL. Valid for 7 consecutive days, not 8 days. R200 :mat use included
1 month unlimited yoga FIRST TIMER SPECIAL. Valid for 30 consecutive days. R600 :mat use included
Monthly debit order 6 month minimum contract  R675 per month
Single class (incl free mat hire) R150
4 class 45 days R480
10 class 90 days (can be shared) R990
30 days unlimited – valid for one month R900

For combo packages, please enquire at studio


4 class card valid 45 days

month unlimited





4 class card valid 45 days

month unlimited




Group energy and consciousness are benefits that a private won’t offer. However, if you have special needs, contact us for a private. For privates in your home or at the studio, contact Kerry 0848004444 Kerry@indieyoga.co.za

We accept cash, credit card or advance EFT but REQUIRE proof of payment PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST CLASS – cash for a drop in will be charged if no POP is brought into studio. Thank you.

Banking details:

Kerry Weavind Indie Yoga


Acc: 1101311371
Branch: generic


About PARKING at the studio: Our studio is in a quiet residential area so we ask you to consider the neighbours: please note, we encourage all students who feel confident as drivers to park INSIDE. Please park in a way that the most number of cars can fit on the pavement – 4 on the left of the driveway and about 6 on the right. Please make use of our neighbors two parking spaces at #5 and opposite us at #4.
Please park on the road, and NOT on #1’s plants or #6’s grass.
Thank you.

Please make your package choice carefully – considering your operations, your holidays and accept unforeseen circumstances as a part of your journey that needs to be absorbed into your yoga experience. We won’t negotiate any packages: upon purchase both parties agree to uphold these terms and conditions entered into at time of purchase.