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What is yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle that asks you to be less stressed, more vibrant and energetic, more inspired, more happy. Yoga teaches tools to achieve all this and more. Yoga uses the physical body to play in different experiences, through which you can understand your internal dialogue, your relationship to yourself – your body and your mind – all the while toning not only your muscles, but your organs and glands too, bringing strength and health to your body, to your mind, and balanced emotions.

Why should I do yoga at Indie Yoga

The simple answer to Why should I do Yoga?  try it for a week and you won’t look back! Yoga not only gives you a physical workout, but it gets stagnant energy moving (stagnant energy is usually experienced as lethargy, depression, stiffness and in worse case scenarios as injury or pain or disease in the body). Yoga balances an anxious mind, it stimulates consciousness and improves focus and concentration. Yoga will all round benefit your entire life and lifestyle, without much effort required off the mat. The effort is required on the mat, the rest you will notice unfolds by itself!

at Indie Yoga ? also a simple answer: Kerry Weavind has more than 15 years experience in Yoga. She founded Haum of Yoga based on principles of integrity and alignment with what Yoga really is, and based on true passion for yoga. Kerry ensures the Haum of Yoga team all embody similar passion for yoga and care for each individual on the mat and how yoga can facilitate a personal journey.

Can anyone do yoga?

Absolutely! There is no age restriction, no ideal height, weight, or look! Athletes can cross-train using yoga, competitors can use yoga for greater mental focus, you can use yoga for physical health, to distress or to be part of a community. Classes for challenged bodies like extreme stiffness of certain illnesses or constraints like pregnancy, arthritis are also taught separately or with individual guidance. If you would like to ask a specific question about your health please email me directly: Kerry@indieyoga.co.za

Which style of yoga should I practice?

We advise you try all the styles and teachers to find your Style, to find the combination of style and teacher that best fits you. Each class will be different, so give a couple classes to each experience to make an informed decision. Each teacher will focus on different aspects of yoga giving a unique experience within the yoga umbrella.

Do I have to give up my other exercise or do complimentary exercise?

Yoga is excellent for cross-training. It gives mind body alignment that other exercise might not. Yoga works on its own however and does not require that you do other complementary exercise – yoga is an entire system that stands alone. It works you physically, emotionally, mentally. Physically you will improve your strength, your flexibility and your cardio-vascular fitness. Mentally and emotionally you will notice subtle changes that are best left for you to discover.

What do I need?

Just you, and a yoga mat. Anything else becomes distraction. For more on the basic conduct and etiquette at the studio click here

Why shouldn't I eat at least 2 hours before practicing?


Eating stimulates the entire digestive system into action which requires a lot of energy. The body should not be taxed by being forced to digest at the same time as exercise. Yoga is about moving blood flow (carrying oxygen and healing T-cells) to your whole body but especially all your organs which can’t happen so effectively if you are busy digesting…

Why no water during the practice?

Similarly to not eating, eater stimulates the digestive system which directs your available energy to digesting. Doing yoga requires your full energy and attention to be available for yoga. Also, reaching out to grab the water is often times during physical or emotional discomfort as a distraction from that discomfort. Yoga can teach you tools to overcome discomfort without avoiding it.

Why no inversions during menstruation?

During your menstrual cycle, your body is directing energy to facilitate the cleansing eliminating process. Turning yourself upside down, turns that energy the wrong way round and defeats what your body is trying to do. The time of menstruation is also a time to honor femininity and therefore its advised to practice very gently.

How often should I do yoga?

Regularity is the key to success with yoga. Once a week as a minimum if you can maintain it, is fantastic. 3 times a week with regularity will show better results physically and offer greater understanding of the body as there is less time in between classes to forget and so learning increases exponentially. A daily practice will change your life!

I'm not flexible! I can't do Yoga! Not true!

Absolutely not! The benefits of yoga to body – strength and flexibility, wellness of organs and systems of the body, to mind, and emotions will occur because you are doing yoga, not by how well you are doing yoga. The more you practice yoga though the deeper you will access certain parts of your body, stimulating stagnant energy in those parts, bringing overall feeling of health and vitality. Stagnant energy is the source of disease and stress.

Is yoga religious?

Yoga traditionally is a way of life that acknowledges that we are all connected, we are all One and we connected to a Divine energy. However, it’s not a religious practice, and doesn’t enforce any dogma or require you to change your current beliefs. Yoga will invite you to open your mind, to realize that you are awesome, and to come to live in your personal power and joy.

Why is OM/AUM chanted in class?

Om is chanted to center the mind and body and to symbolise getting out of the daily humdrum and into something requiring a different focus. Chanting helps to disconnect all the hooks that are still attached to you physically or psychically from the day. Chanting helps to settle the ego so you can practice yoga with integrity to your body and not to your mind’s desires. Chanting OM aligns you with yourself.