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Protect what matters to you…

Protect What matters to you,

(this writing is in the rhythm of Dr Seuss books, after reading many for my son, I was inspired…and the subject matter is close to my heart)

Protect what matters to you!
It is about time you do!

If you love yoga, protect it from you

the time and space to be in practice
is a necessary time for your awesomeness

Commit to it, carve out the space,

don’t doubt, barter or exchange,
don’t distract yourself with other things,
with thoughts and other negotiations,
over-thinking is an out of date habit,

it will keep you on lifes shelf if you don’t commit

to keeping yourself moving and on the mat


Protect what matters to you! it is about time you do!

It is not a choice between yoga, a long walk or a bath

Do it all, and in between have a good laugh

otherwise before you know it,
you have lost your practice,
you have lost the urgency of prioritising you

The journey back is tough, that sticky mindstuff
that got you distracted in the first place like glue
since you gave it enormous power over you
recommit each day, you as priority

Each class thought about, go to it, why not
and you will thank yourself as you get stronger body mind & spirit

you will thank yourself as you gain will-health

over your distracted and powerless small self

BE powerfull! Co-create your magnificent being

Choose the big picture over a quick distraction
One day, every day for a very long time
each practice, protect it
as if your life depends on it
because, really it does, you’ve got one life to live .

Why prioritise yo(u)ga your mind may insist?

Remind yourself it is a choice to be better and just
because you love it.
Because it works when you show up,

because every time you return after a gap

it is harder on you to get up from a nap
because the more stiff you get, the tougher it is

to live your best life and answer choices with yes!

because yoga is a powerful time with yourself, to nourish, nurture and sustain you all round
don’t let your body (well it started in your mind)

be a reason why you can’t shine shine shine

when right here, right now we have the perfect tonic

protect what matters to you,

it is about time you get on it!


By Kerry Weavind

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