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Our Philosophy

Indie Yoga is intended as a place of knowledge about Self, a place for quiet contemplation and inner journey, a place of communication and community.

Our goal is to help you reconnect the mind with the body and enhance that relationship. We offer yoga for all body types, all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility – through a full schedule of yoga classes that we want to keep expanding!

Our yoga highlights different aspects of yoga in every class – sometimes focussing on alignment, other times focussing on mental discipline – it can be CHALLENGING, if not physically, then emotionally to help you move through boundaries and empower yourself, and often times the result is a certain calm, as the skill to deal with a challenging in life is developed.

Our commitment is to help you develop a greater awareness of yourself down to your baby toe. Most people want PEACE OF MIND from yoga, and that happens through knowing your body and living in it. The different philosophical approach to each style ensures you can find a style that suits your personality – many of us DESTRESS differently – some of us need intense fast action to quiet/engage the mind, others need slow peaceful experience. Different styles will address these different needs.

Kerry Weavind founded Haum of Yoga based on the integrity of yoga as a holistic approach to body and mind. It is a system handed down through word of mouth and is a vast subject. Kerry ensures that all the teachers at Haum of Yoga are constantly learning about yoga and yogic lifestyle – to practice what we teach, to keep the information fresh and uplifting, and to bring opportunities to you to take yourself deeper into yoga with visiting instructors, workshops and retreats, guided trips to India, teacher trainings and intensives.

Yoga Philosophy:

Yoga asana practice embodies all of yoga philosophy and each practice  will bring the benefit whether you know the philosophy or not. There is so much to yoga philosophy but it won’t be for everyone. One can theorise to the end of the earth about where you fit in in the spectrum of beautifully interweaving and sometimes contradicting or frustratingly impossible, simply simple philosophy from the beginning.We incorporate it all but most of all, encourage experience. To be a philosopher I believe pulls you out of experience (though in itself is a valid experience). All the theories are tools or tangible utensils for the journey to self peace, but then they must be let go of as well.

It is the mind we wish to systematically gain control of through yoga to find peace. A quiet mind that is not a monkey mind is a sign of inner peace. Being in the mind is to be out of experience, so our philosophy is to have an experience of your self through the body, expressing joy in your body toward self realization that is simply being equal to joy.

A beautifully represented philosophy about non-philosophy by a yoga teacher Danielle:

“When I read through the philosophies each one makes a kind of sense, but then I think that is still, in the end, unknown. We spend so much time trying to solve these unknown questions and put the answers into boxes that we try to live by, but in the end the questions are still not answered. Maybe we aren’t meant to know the answers. Maybe yoga and pranayama makes us simply at peace with our lives and makes us think clearer and feel more content with the body that functions better.” Maybe.

We try to give you all the possibilities so you can find your own way.