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New to yoga?

New to Yoga?

Beginners yoga:

Just because you are a beginner to yoga, doesn’t mean you are a beginner to being in movement in your body, or to having a conscious mind body connection. For this reason, we teach mixed classes and allow you to work at your pace in a class.

Don’t worry…you won’t stand out as a beginner…everyone is on their own journey into their bodies and into their core creative self (outside of busy mind)! This is what you need to know to start -the rest will happen on the mat.

It might not be easy, but it will be worth it!


Just show up!

  • Please arrive atleast 15 minutes before your first class to settle in and register.
  • Always arrive on time. Once the gates/doors are closed, no access will be given.
  • Be prepared to stay the duration of the class as early exit is also not permitted – the most important parts of a yoga class are the beginning and end.
  • Please book prior to arriving, our booking info is on the yoga classes page.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. No need for shoes in yoga.
  • A yoga mat is needed. Mat hire isn’t possible due to the current covid environment. If you are not sure yet about yoga, you can get a really cheap mat from dischem or sportsman warehouse.
  • We don’t advise drinking water during yoga, as it is a distraction, and also affects the stomach which is being worked on through the yoga asanas.
  • Avoid eating 2 hours prior to your yoga class.
  • Please arrive with prior eft printed Proof of Payment, or cash.  Our banking details are:

Standard Bank

Kerry Weavind
Current Account
Account number:402103459
Branch code: generic


ps. if you can’t touch your toes, or you are older, or younger, beginners yoga begins with you.

Indie Yoga is a place to rest in yourself, to find your center, to connect to a sense of Joy.