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Kerry Weavind Yoga Mentorship

Yoga mentorship with Kerry Weavind. Study with me, as a student or teacher to take yourself deeper on a journey through yoga.


Namaste beautiful beings,

I want to invite you to an opportunity to learn with me, as a student or as a teacher.

Why study with me?  I have been investigating the yoga journey as student and teacher for over 20 years, and believe I have a lot of information, experience, insight and intuition to bring to your experience as a student or teacher. My passion lies in sharing this experience and I look forward to working 1 on 1 with you, so we can explore the depths and break open your limitations (and mine as well!)


Commit to working with me in classes and privates to take your yoga to the next level – this will be a journey from the physical, being in your body, to mental strength, focus and peace, and ultimately to a high vibration expanded experience of yourself. This process will also be guided by your hearts desire with regards to how much time is spent on the body, the mind, and Spirit focus!

To work with me as a student, please email kerry@indieyoga.co.za. You will get in-class focussed dialogue, the opportunity to be the demonstrator which gives you hands on assistance by me in technically challenging poses, and out of class, we will schedule private sessions of 60 minutes each at the studio to expand on the themes established in general practice that you may be struggling with. Privates are charged at R650 an hour and in class focussed assistance (one class per week, one student per class) will be charged at R200 per class (if you have an Indie Yoga package, the package amount will be deducted). To access the in-class mentorship, a minimum of 5 privates need to be booked in advance.


Yoga teachers, I invite you to work with me one on one in private sessions to develop your yoga teaching skills. We will focus on the areas you have identified yourself as your weakness – an important knowing lies right in this process – and also, on the layers that you haven’t integrated into your teaching yet which include learning how to teach without doing the class with your students, expanding your style in alignment with your heart/voice, learn how to hold space more effectively, learn how to bring a powerful energetic experience into the room to transfer yoga knowledge not so much by words but through energetic transference. I will experience how you teach, in our first private, to work with you from this starting point.

The level of exploration and depth you wish to explore will be up to you, so I invite you to have your topics or areas of work clear in your mind already but with an expectation that you will probably be challenged also out of your comfort zone. A minimum of 5 privates upfront is required at R750 per 90 minutes. I suggest a commitment of one private per week so we can build momentum, but timing can be set by you!



Kerry Weavind

Kerry Weavind Yoga Mentorship

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