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Online yoga classes now available in our virtual yoga studio on zoom. Join us to continue your yoga journey with us! A minimum of 3 people booked on Mindbody for the class is required to continue. 
In studio classes: a minimum of 5 people booked on Mindbody for the class is required, maximums will be managed for social distancing. 

We offer traditional yoga from quiet (yin) to breath synchronised movement (ashtanga and vinyasa) and meditation in movement, hatha, Indie Yoga, restorative, yin, Sivananda.

Please book your classes on the Mindbody APP (download onto your phone) or via the schedule below.

You will need to download ZOOM APP or use it on your desktop browser. 
Click here for HOW TO download the Mindbody app to your phone. 
Click here for How to create a home space.

For teachers info, please click on teachers link and find out what they offer and a little insight into who they are and what kind of space they hold in practice. 

For cheap yoga, consider our 6 month contract, details here

BEGINNERS NOTE: All classes are accessible to all levels. We encourage you to find your strength and do what you can, and if you can’t do it, to ease out of it. 

There is something for each and every one of you, not all styles or teachers will resonate, so we encourage you to take a couple months and try out a few different styles/teachers before you make up your mind about yoga…and to give your body time to settle into yoga and start enjoying it. We have such exciting events this month, please go to our events page www.indieyoga.co.za/events/


  1. We try to substitute teachers who are similar to the style advertised and apologize when we can’t do this.
  2. If there is no name next to the class, arrive for the adventure as circumstance requires we wait to see who will teach this class…in-joy
  3. If you would like a class at a time that we currently don’t offer, please let me know and I will consider it for sure!
  4. Please bring your friends and share in the peace, slim waist, whatever it is that yoga gives you, with others and let us all enjoy the bigger vibe!
  5. please! calling all smallish cars and smart drivers: please park inside

Yoga classes available at Indie Yoga vary from quiet (yin) and restorative to breath synchronised movement (ashtanga and vinyasa) and meditation in movement. Try them all.

Parking guidelines

For HOT yoga classes, please see the Indie HOT facebook page https://www.facebook.com/indiehotyoga/ or www.indiehotyoga.com