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Teacher training – from the Inside out – a teacher refinement course

February 2, 2019 @ 11:00 am - February 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

TEACH FROM THE INSIDE OUT – a continuing education credits course for yoga teachers

30 hour next level course for teachers with Kerry Weavind

Tap back into the magic of being a student, to remember, review, reconsider and expand yourself.

Kerry Weavind wants for you — more effective teaching of Yoga, not just asana but as a teacher who leads, guides, challenges, invests and invites personal power through self-awareness.

How can you become a better conduit as a teacher, exploring what students need in that moment rather than a predetermined agenda of your best intent…letting go of that intent and playing in the arena of the unknown with full responsibility for being present (how?) and accurate to the techniques (do you remember them?) and launching from this firm foundation into creativity of Spirit!

Minimum requirement: 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

First 3 Weekends, FEBRUARY 2019!

Course investment: R6400 or

R5900 earlybird (payment in 2018) and former Indie Yoga YTT graduates.

I am looking forward to playing in the arena of creativity and awakening with you. Contact info@indieyoga.co.za for details.




This 30 hour Intensive, occurring over 3 weeks, will focus on YOU!

We will revise the foundational work: asana – intermediate asana, pranayama, adjusting and sequencing.

We will apply experience into being practical with the application of all that is yoga and turn this into refined teaching skills.

We will launch into being relevant and communicating with impact – translating yogic texts from traditional to tantra to effectively communicate a verbal dialogue, that is honest, experienced, and true to release you and students toward moksha.

Learn how to establish yourself in a higher vibration of knowing so your sequencing, your teaching, your communication, all happens from a place of solid foundation (practical knowledge), sequenced on the fly (how brave are you with your own limitations?) for healing and powerful effect for each and every student.

Each day we will practice to move energy into beingness, to learn from an unthinking place. We will explore how beginners to intermediate think, feel and process information – if you know people, you can speak to their hearts. Understand the teacher/ student energetic dynamic and how to use this to their advantage.

You will always teach from where you are at …. Know this fully and find a way to use this wisdom to address the needs of your students within a context of yoga, inviting them to their own wisdom rather than imposing your own. Practice stepping into the flow of heart to teach with letting go, freedom from the known, responsibility and detached accountability.

Know how to be a conduit, how to know what is yours and what is not, and how to direct students to their own awareness instead of projecting your own and not facilitating full learning!


Learn how to teach with eyes on the room, in the room, in yourself and body, while not doing the poses but rather facilitating each students own experience! What a joy!

Students have said of Kerry’s teaching:

“Kerry shows you where the door is and leaves it up to you to walk through it”

“In Kerry’s classes, I always have the best savasana!”

“Somewhow, Kerry always knows exactly what I need”

Build trust with your students, so you can give them what they need and not what they want, remaining authentic to the teaching of yoga and to your higher self!”

Advance yourself to be able to hold that higher space to advance others – by this we don’t mean the ability to do fancy poses, but mean an ability to be open minded, to be lead, to be moulded to mould others.

About Kerry:

I have 20 years yoga experience and have taught many YTT200 hour courses. My passion has always been to understand the mental mechanics and how they play out in the physical body but also, the spiritual “promise” of yoga and what that really means. I have read and practiced extensively, and turned the last 6 years (my childs lifetime) into a process of transferring attachment to asana to a meditation practice. It has been tough but immensely insightful!



Kerry Weavind experienced yoga teacher at Indie Yoga


Kerry Weavind


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