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Connected conscious breathwork

June 15 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Conscious Connected Breathwork with Joanne Farrell

Are you ready to

* Awaken, expand and liberate?
* Come into a deeper state of presence?
* Bring more balance to yourself and your life?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a practice that allows you to move beyond the busy-ness of the mind and into a place of clarity, peace and presence

For centuries the breath and sound have been used as medicine to connect, heal and awaken.  Ancient tribes still use this medicine today. Rekindle the tradition that is innately within us and activate  your DNA on a divine journey like no other.

Dissolve stress, surrender, release, awaken & enliven the inner most heart through the healing power of breath and sound, in a safely held and loving environment.

The depth of breathwork allows you to enter into a deep expanded state where profound connection, healing, clarity, insight and deep relaxation can occur.

We draw on the wisdom of ancient healing practices and bring it all together in this delicious afternoon.


This event is suitable for beginners, and people of all ages.

Please note: these workshops fill up quickly as our floor space is limited so if you are keen to attend please do your EFT promptly after booking. Thank you kindly.


Saturday 15th June
R350 per person

We will begin promptly at 2pm and no late-comers will be allowed in even if you have paid in full.

Please make every effort to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time!! We look forward to welcoming you.

Bring an open mind, a yoga mat, water, blanket and cushion and wear comfortable clothes.

Booking is essential – please contact Kerry 084 800 4444 or on kerry@indieyoga.co.za
For information about breathwork, please contact Joanne 0646543548

About the Breathwork
Conscious Connected Breathing is a practice that allows us to move beyond the busy-ness of the mind and into a place of clarity, peace and presence in our lives.

Among other things Breathwork aligns us with living more fully from our hearts space, brings about great healing, awakens us to our true nature. reveals profound clarity and removes perceived blocks to achieving our dreams.

Breathwork supports the most important relationship in our lives, our relationship with ourselves.

It is an easy, safe and simple breathing technique that helps you to tap into your inner resources and is effective for anyone who is willing to try it.

Breathwork also offers an abundance of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual benefits.  The benefits of Breathwork are cumulative, the more you use this technique the more you experience these benefits in your life.

Some of the benefits:

• Deepens Awareness and Presence
• Opens us up to living from the heart
• Enhances Clarity & Direction
• Amplifies Intuition & Creativity
• Reduces Stress, Anxiousness & Anxiety
• Balances & Harmonizes our Body, Mind & Spirit
* Boosts the immune system
• Releases Stuck Emotional Wounding/Trauma and Memories
• Awakens & aligns us to our Divine purpose
And so much more

Who can benefit from Breathwork?

* Those who want clarity on ANY life issue, challenge or circumstance.
* Feeling exhausted and burnt out, Breathwork can help you to restore yourself.
* Experiencing struggle on any level. Come and allow the breath to clear the way.
* On a spiritual or yogic path and you want to tap more deeply into your unlimited wellspring.
* If you have kids & are struggling to find a moment for yourself. Come reconnect with who you are.
* If its time to let go of old baggage, feelings or stuck emotional energy
* If you are at a crossroad in life Breathwork can help you gain deep clarity and clearer direction

* If you want to take your life to the next level  (whatever that is for you) Breathwork can help you tune in deeply to this path.
* Experiencing any level of stress, anxiety or depression. Come and discover the amazing health boosting, healing benefits of the Breath!
* Suffer from Insomnia or a super busy mind – Come and experience how breathwork can help you shift to a place of peace and rest.

* If you want to connect with source energy or experience deeper peace in your life.
* If you just want to experience a powerful and profound tool that all have available to us, come and join us.


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