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Celebrate the small wins

Celebrate the small wins

It is often only in retrospect, that we fully celebrate moments that are long gone….in the moment, these very moments might be infused with struggle, emotion or expectations.

Celebrate that you arrived for a yoga practice – and you can forget what happened once you were there. Some practices are sticky and unpleasant, some fluid and strong, neither means success or failure, both are part of a process of integrating your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Celebrate a moment of breath connection – even if all the other moments were not connected (one moment of breath connection – breath with awareness – creates prana, the vitality in your body that brings youthful exuberance. That one moment shifts your brain structure to make the next moment easier.

Celebrate a moving body for 75 minutes – even if the shapes didn’t look like the picture in your mind. Moving your body moves your emotions and perceptions of the experiences you have been having and helps you digest and process them – whether your pose looked picture perfect or not, so just keep moving.

Don’t have expectations that rob you of the moment and keep you chasing some ideal yoga practice.

Every practice counts for health and wellbeing, regardless of what happens on the mat.

Don’t underestimate the enormity of benefit you give yourself every time you get on the mat, and don’t underestimate your strength, flexibility and balance…


Quit yoga for a few years if you are not sure of its benefits but rather let me tell you, you are better off with it than without it and don’t take for granted how far you have come!



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