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500 hour teacher training

Indie Yoga is proud to be offering a 500 hour advanced teacher training certification in Indie Yoga.

For details of this course and to register, please email Kerry@indieyoga.co.za

PRE-REQUISITES for the course:

1. 200 hour Yoga teacher certification with a Yoga Alliance registered course (it doesn’t have to be an indie Yoga course or by Indie Yoga)

WE RECOMMEND: (this is not compulsory but we need to know if you have/have not sat a course prior to the YTT500 so we can plan your journey around this form of meditation or not).

10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat. (** the thinking behind including this as a pre-requisite is that the 500 hour course is focused on personal Sadhana – i.e. you as a yoga teacher taking your own yoga practice (philosophical yoga practice not just asana) to the next level. Having sat a 10 day Vipassana will deeply facilitate this process of Self knowledge.)

Course dates are still to be published for 500 hour course.


Kerry Weavind

The course is directed by myself, Kerry Weavind, certified as an E-RYT from Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Acharya by International Sivananda Vedanta Center.

Myself and the team of teachers who teach on this course are experts in our fields and are 100% committed to yoga, to learning, to sharing knowledge in the most open and yogic way!

I am proud of the course that has evolved through the years and the changes that it inspires in people, that I continue to watch long after the course is over, as the course is just a beginning of a journey for each individual, a beginning as part of a like-minded community and a beginning of a new lifestyle, choices, awareness and consciousness.

Each course continues the lineage of dedicated yoga teachers through the Haum of Yoga. I am committed to making available a sense of belonging and supported independence through my role in this community.
I want to thank my lineage of teachers Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnu-devananda,the Swami’s of the Sivananda Centers, and Yogacharya Venkatesh.

Please email for more info on the courses at Kerry@indieyoga.co.za