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200 hour teacher training course


Indie Yoga month intensive 200 hour Yoga course:

Experience based, Rhizomatic learning about you and teaching yoga


Hello yogi’s looking for a potential yoga course… 

I’ll explain a little about our innovative approach to learning Yoga:

This 200 hour yoga course is not about churning out perfect gurus. It’s not about knowing everything, doing perfect instagrammable asana or appearing more enlightened than others. This course is not about prescribing, labelling or compartmentalizing what a yoga teacher should look or sound like. This course is about getting to know the best teacher inside of you. Find your own voice, find the truth in your heart and learn to teach from that place.

Over 24 days Kerry and I are opening up the delicious potentiality that teaching yoga invites for your experimentation, your deep dive into the honest vulnerable parts of you, your process, and your subjective experience. Our intention is to allow for rhizomatic learning: open to each individual’s learning preferences and subjective process of responding to, and absorbing information. Rhizomatic learning refers to understanding as interconnected resonances and responses. The metaphor compares this kind of knowing to the interconnected weavings of a plant as it sends forth roots and shoots as it grows through the earth in no structured order or controlled form (see link for clear explanation and overview of rhizomatic learning http://davecormier.com/edblog/2011/11/05/rhizomatic-learning-why-learn/). This spirit of intuitive, left-brain consciousness, anti-linear, practice as learning approach is in alignment with ground breaking developments in education (Practice as Research in tertiary education and Child-centred philosophy in primary and secondary education – check out the Green School’s philosophy at https://thegreenschool.co.za/developmental-harmony/).

We are validating the subjective voice; your voice, your perspective, your view of the world. We will practice listening without projecting or defending, being vulnerable, being okay with not being okay, connecting with ourselves and our responses, surrender, holding space while we learn with each other and from each other.

The pre-requisites for this course are:

  • An interest in yoga or embodied practice
  • A hunger to learn and experience
  • A curiosity about yourself and how you relate to others
  • An awareness that a yoga lifestyle is a life long journey of learning; that your own exploration does not end on the last day of this course

If this blurb resonates with you in your heart, this is the course for you. We welcome you to this out-setting, this stepping-forth with open arms and heart.

In Joy

Lexi Meier and Kerry Weavind


Our 200 hour one month yoga teacher training course is not registered with Yoga Alliance because YA is a registry (read ‘list’) and does not indicate any standards or level of excellence through association. We promise that our course standard is of the highest integrity to yoga, its essence, and to personal development through the tools of yoga. We will be present with you the entire time, and transmit in this way, the ability of presence. 



1 – 24 March 2020

6am – 6pm daily except for 1 day a week off to brew, digest, write, create


Kerry Weavind – almost 20 years experience in teaching yoga

“Indie Yoga makes you strong for life, flexible for life, playful for life, an Independent Spirit. I created Indie Yoga out of inspiration gained from all yoga towards being free – free in my body, innovative in my thinking, courageous in my Spirit. But, my focus has always been how to translate this to an experience that will inspire people. I believe I have a knack for taking information, grinding it into something relevant, challenging assumptions and encouraging ownership of Self and work in this way to motivate students/teacher trainees to shake their bodies, and minds to find the truth within.  My passion has always been the mind, how to tame it, manage it, and quieten it for the bigger picture and in the past 5 years, this passion has evolved into leaving the mind to a secondary place and focussing on vibration and living from this larger perspective. You can expect to be moved physically, challenged mentally and introduced to your vibration, and ways to let this rule your experience of life, as a person, as a yoga teacher, and as a leader”

Kerry has 18 years experience teaching yoga and shares her wisdom, intuitive insight and philosophy through teaching yoga:

Kerry’s yoga took her from New York to East Timor, to India, Peru, Sri Lanka and South Africa where she taught and studied internationally. Kerry has studied with the International Yoga Vedanta Center in their first and advanced trainings in India and France.

In South Africa, since 2002, Kerry Weavind opened a yoga studio in Fourways and in 2011 opened a second yoga studio, between both offering 4 classes a day to yoga enthusiasts who look for the ‘more than exercise’ benefits of yoga which include focus and concentration, balancing of the central nervous system, reducing stress, and calming the mind but most importantly developing a more loving relationship with body, mind, personality and Self.

Since 2004, she has trained over 120 teachers, introduced a number of styles to the South African yoga market including ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Anusara yoga with a handful of international Yoga teachers hosted by Indie Yoga as well as pioneering creative workshop concepts like Iyengar Yoga for Ashtangi’s. Kerry has also written a number of articles and appeared in magazines and on television promoting Yoga to mainstream viewers. She has appeared on Top Billing, Free Spirit among others, and has represented the power of yoga in most leading magazines including Marie Claire, Destiny Magazine, Women and Home and she has personally written articles for Odyssey magazine and Complete Yoga magazine among others.

Kerry’s passion for yoga lies in the relationship that one can develop with body, mind and Spirit through yoga, to change every facet of life. Yoga is a lifestyle which is attractive to Kerry, a resetting every day to a positive and open outlook.


Lexi Meier: 

Hi gorgeous human beings, Lexi here.

My love of yoga comes from a life time interest in embodied knowledge. My grandmother was a yoga teacher; I grew up with yoga concepts in and around my life – some of which I resisted and others resonated deep in the core beliefs that make me me. My journey took me to theatre, where I began to unpack a love for the body and the stories it holds, but most miraculously how through the body we can heal. After an MA in Choreography and living the life of the penniless alcoholic artist, I was in the deep and the dark night of the soul. Something needed serious shifting when I found Indie Yoga and enrolled in the 200hr teacher training in 2017. Mind boggled at how much I loved this modality (and, to this day, how much I constantly learn about myself through it), I threw myself into teaching.

Hungry for more experiential knowledge of how I relate to myself and others, I certified in Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), which on many levels feeds my teaching style. For me TRE and yoga saved my life and it makes my heart happy to have a space to share these tools. All these modes of moving and processing – theatre and performance, asana, and TRE – can be found in my classes: you can play the clown, shake it off and have moments of deep connection to sensation and self. Looking forward to meeting you all with joy…