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Yoga teacher training or immersion

An invitation to journey with Yoga to the next level: yoga teacher training immersion

Yoga teacher training course: this module 1&2 on offer, is a 70 hour yoga immersion course by itself. It is Module1&2 of a full 200 hour teacher training course if you wish to continue.

This course starts you on the personal journey of cleansing your physical and mental/emotional bodies using the tools of Yoga. With a ready mind, we will explore the philosophy of yoga, as well as start to understand alignment and purpose of asana from a personal perspective.

If you are not personally invested in the journey of yoga, the knowledge will not integrate as your own and your teaching will remain surface level. This course, and I, invite you to begin with yourself, to take yourself through a deeper experience of yoga and to lay the immense foundation for Yoga Understanding. This is a process oriented course, with lots of opportunity to practice. The practical tools of teaching asana (indepth study of asana and teaching skills) will be covered in the next module. This course is more about your journey with yoga to understand it properly creating a foundation for your teaching knowledge and experiences. As it is taught in the manner in which yoga was handed down, of course, it is a dynamic course, and your interest and questions will direct the flow of information and exploration somewhat also! I look forward to this journey with you!


Course covers:

Daily practice

Yogic lifestyle choices (cleansing the physical body)

Yoga Philosophy

Developing Your mind and consciousness with yogic tools

Yoga Kriya (cleansing your physical body)

Yoga asana alignment from a personal practise perspective


Daytime course: 8am – 12pm

Dates: May 22 – June 7th

Style of yoga: Indie yoga. This course will teach you to find and develop your style of yoga from hatha to a stronger vinyasa. A hatha daily practice will be used to balance your emotional body. This practice can be strong or gentle based on your needs but it won’t be fast.


Prerequisite: regular yoga practice of 3 months. I like students to have attempted headstand in their practice. If you haven’t/can’t do it yet, come to me for the guidelines.



Tree of Yoga by BKS Iyengar

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Mukunda Stiles

Krishnamurti: Freedom from the known (any Krishnamurti)

Deb Shapiro Your Body speaks your mind



Your investment is R9750

Quick response special: payment in full by 10th May: R9000.

Module 2 (3 weeks) and 3 (2 weeks) will be scheduled for later in winter giving you time to digest.

I hope that there is synchronicity for you and the timing of this course.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


About Me:

For those of you that don’t know, I have been practising, teaching and living yoga on and off the mat since 1999. I have learned, lived with, rejected, and reabsorbed many of the different yoga teachings over the years and practiced hard and strong and soft and not at all too. The many variations on the journey have proven one thing: I keep coming back to the simplest truths of yoga and this is what will be taught on this course, with the distractions noted also.


Ps. a one month intensive is still on schedule for September this year if that suits you best.

I am sorry I can’t accommodate everyone in this format. As my teacher said once, when you really want to do something, you don’t even ask questions.