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Fourways Schedule of yoga classes at Indie Yoga:

Yoga class schedule: there is something for each and every one of you, not all styles or teachers will resonate, so we encourage you to take a couple months and try out a few different styles/teachers before you make up your mind about yoga…there is a perfect match for you:

  1. if you visit this page often, please click refresh to prevent your computer from accessing the page you last visited without updating it.
  2. We try to substitute teachers who are similar to the style advertised and apologize when we can’t do this.
  3. If there is no name next to the class, arrive for the adventure as circumstance requires we wait to see who will teach this class…in-joy
  4. If you would like a class at a time that we currently don’t offer, please let me know and I will consider it for sure!
  5. Please bring your friends and share in the peace, slim waist, whatever it is that yoga gives you, with others and let us all enjoy the bigger vibe!

Yoga classes available at Indie Yoga vary from quiet (yin) and restorative to breath synchronised movement (ashtanga and vinyasa) and meditation in movement. Try them all:



please calling all smallish cars and smart drivers: please park inside.

Monday 9am Strengthening Flow Yoga Danakeli (from April 9th Kerry will be taking this class as Danakelli is leaving the country 🙁 )

Monday 12pm  Yin Sarah

Monday 6pm Flow Ashleigh

Tuesday 5.30am strong Indie Yoga Lexi (last class for this 5.30am slot is 03-13)

Tuesday 9am Yin Ashley

Tuesday 5pm Hatha Sarah – please note NEW CLASS TIME

Tuesday 6.30pm MEN ONLY hatha yoga – please email kerry@indieyoga.co.za to book for this class

Wednesday 9am Indie Yoga Kerry level 2

Wednesday 6pm Iyengar Elaine

(public holiday on 21st March: only 9am class all levels welcome)

Thursday 9am Hatha flow Lisa (Brian for 15th and 22nd March)

Thursday 4.30pm Indie Yoga Kerry

Thursday 6pm Hatha Roberto

Friday 9am Gentle Indie with Kerry

Friday 12pm Ashtanga Lisa (Kerry for 16 and 23 March)

Saturday 8am Beginners Sarah

Saturday 9.30am Flow Ashleigh

Sunday 9am Hatha flow Lisa (Stuart for 18th March – a lovely gentle experience)

Sunday 5pm Slow flow Ashleigh


Friday 30th: 9am class with Lisa (one class only)

Saturday 31st:  8am class with Sarah (one class only)

Sunday 1st April:  9am class with Lisa (one class only)

Monday  2nd April: 9am class with Danakeli (one class only)

There may be teacher substitutions which we can’t prevent….looking forward to seeing you on the mat.