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Beginners to Yoga

Beginners to yoga:

Let’s start at your arrival:
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for every class. Just give yourself that gift.
About PARKING at the studio, please note, we encourage all students who feel confident as drivers to park INSIDE. Please park in a way that the most number of cars can fit on the pavement – 4 on the left of the driveway and about 6 on the right. Please make use of our neighbors two parking spaces at #5.
Please park on the road, and NOT on any ones’ grass.
Feel free to park everyone in who is parked on our pavement by parking on the other side. (but not on the grass).
Thank you.

We offer varied styles of yoga at different levels of experience.
The levels are listed in the schedule: L1body – level 1 for the body / L2mind – level 2 for the mind though may be level 1 physically, click on the class and see the expanded info available.

We recommend you try out as many different styles and teachers over a 2 month period before you really decide about yoga.

If you are risk averse,
try the Indie Yoga classes (not indie flow) and try the restorative/yin classes.

If you feel you are older or newer to yoga than anyone else, rest assured, everyone is on the mat taking care of their own experience, no one will mind if you stop to pause and take a break or if you can’t touch your toes. We highly recommend you pace yourself in a practice, noting to not bale out of every challenging situation but to ensure you don’t push into adrenaline, draining your adrenals which too easily happens in every day life.