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200 hour Yoga certification

200 hour Yoga certification:  teacher training in South Africa,the solar plexus of the world

An invitation to journey with Yoga to the next level – this course starts you on the personal journey of cleansing your physical and mental/emotional bodies using the tools of Yoga. With a ready mind, we will explore the philosophy of yoga, as well as start to understand alignment and purpose of asana from a personal perspective and apply this knowledge to teaching.

If you are not personally invested in the journey of yoga, the knowledge will not integrate as your own and your teaching will remain surface level. This course, and the facilitators, invite you to begin with yourself, to take yourself through a deeper experience of yoga and to lay the immense foundation for Yoga Understanding. This is a process oriented course, with lots of opportunity to practice. The practical tools of teaching asana (in-depth study of asana and teaching skills) will be covered. This course combines your journey with yoga to understand it properly, with the outward journey of learning to teach a skill from your heart, creating a foundation for your teaching knowledge and experiences. As it is taught in the manner in which yoga was handed down, of course, it is a dynamic course, and your interest and questions will direct the flow of information and exploration somewhat also! I look forward to this journey with you!


Course covers:

Daily practice

Yogic lifestyle choices (cleansing the physical body), cleansing the mental body using yoga techniques, cleansing the Spirit body.

Yoga Kriya (cleansing your physical body)

Yoga Philosophy brought to life with various unique techniques to this course!

Developing Your mind and consciousness with yogic tools.

Anatomy, energetic anatomy, physiology and how to make it relevant.

Yoga asana alignment from a personal practise perspective and adjustment and teaching skills, technique, sequencing.

TRE Trauma Release experiences are included.

Healing of separation and experiences to connect and heal will be part of this course.

It is everything you need to KNOW, everything you need to feel, raising your vibration and more.


Daytime course: 6am – 5.30pm

Full time course: 21 days

Dates: 5 March – 27 March

Investment: R26000


Style of yoga: Indie yoga. This course will teach you to find and develop your style of yoga from hatha to a stronger vinyasa. A hatha daily practice will be used to balance your emotional body. This practice can be strong or gentle based on your needs but it won’t be fast. Indie Yoga is a style of yoga to facilitate independent spirit. Read more about Indie Yoga here.


Prerequisite: regular yoga practice of 3 months. We like students to have attempted headstand in their practice. If you haven’t/can’t do it yet, come to me for the guidelines.


Kerry Weavind – almost 20 years experience in yoga

“Indie Yoga makes you strong for life, flexible for life, playful for life, an Independent Spirit. I created Indie Yoga out of inspiration gained from all yoga towards being free – free in my body, innovative in my thinking, courageous in my Spirit. But, my focus has always been how to translate this to an experience that will inspire people. I believe I have a knack for taking information, grinding it into something relevant, challenging assumptions and encouraging ownership of Self and work in this way to motivate students/teacher trainees to shake their bodies, and minds to find the truth within.  My passion has always been the mind, how to tame it, manage it, and quieten it for the bigger picture and in the past 5 years, this passion has evolved into leaving the mind to a secondary place and focussing on vibration and living from this larger perspective. You can expect to be moved physically, challenged mentally and introduced to your vibration, and ways to let this rule your experience of life, as a person, as a yoga teacher, and as a leader”

Kerry has 17 years experience teaching yoga and shares her wisdom, intuitive insight and philosophy through teaching yoga:

Kerry’s yoga took her from New York to East Timor, to India, Peru, Sri Lanka and South Africa where she taught and studied internationally. Kerry has studied with the International Yoga Vedanta Center in their first and advanced trainings in India and France.

In South Africa, since 2002, Kerry Weavind opened a yoga studio in Fourways and in 2011 opened a second yoga studio, between both offering 4 classes a day to yoga enthusiasts who look for the ‘more than exercise’ benefits of yoga which include focus and concentration, balancing of the central nervous system, reducing stress, and calming the mind but most importantly developing a more loving relationship with body, mind, personality and Self.

Since 2004, she has trained over 120 teachers, introduced a number of styles to the South African yoga market including ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Anusara yoga with a handful of international Yoga teachers hosted by Indie Yoga as well as pioneering creative workshop concepts like Iyengar Yoga for Ashtangi’s. Kerry has also written a number of articles and appeared in magazines and on television promoting Yoga to mainstream viewers. She has appeared on Top Billing, Free Spirit among others, and has represented the power of yoga in most leading magazines including Marie Claire, Destiny Magazine, Women and Home and she has personally written articles for Odyssey magazine and Complete Yoga magazine among others.

Kerry’s passion for yoga lies in the relationship that one can develop with body, mind and Spirit through yoga, to change every facet of life. Yoga is a lifestyle which is attractive to Kerry, a resetting every day to a positive and open outlook.


Rosalind Dockendorff

I love Life. I love life in this body that is home to my Spirit. I am fascinated with the story my body is unravelling each time I am on the mat for yoga or TRE. I am honoured to hold space for others as they explore facets of themselves each time making a stronger connection between body and Spirit. I believe ‘less is more’…..less doing, more trust, deeper healing. Group work is always a powerful reminder of how we can work together as one for the ‘bigger picture’.  That’s why teacher training always shifts consciousness on an individual and larger scale. Whether you teach a class or not the shift in oneself influences others.

I have experienced this in the trainings I have had the honour of completing with Kerry Weavind and Ana Forrest.  Both experiences tapped into different aspect of my body and Spirit. My life changed immediately and every day since. Once I woke up to the understanding that the body is the only thing in the present moment my desire to connect more organically to it grew. I desire to live more in the present moment. I do so more often now but it is an ongoing exploration. Just as fascinating has been the connecting to deep parts of my body that held emotional tension or trauma. Continually working with these areas helps me see and understand the state of Being I am in and why my yoga practice can be a struggle at times. Slowly I am working towards a yoga practice that comes from a place of Desire within me. A place less harassed by discomfort and “dis ease”.  This is what I wish to share. Seeing within you so you can see within someone else and take them to a place of self healing.  This is the place where they want to do it for themselves. This is their power. This is authentic teaching, being the messenger.

My journey has included over 1000 hours of teacher training and roughly 8 years of teaching. I own and run a studio and present teacher trainings from my space in Plettenberg Bay.  Qualifying as level 2 TRE provider enables me to include TRE within a yoga practice, something I am developing. My fascination with the body encourage me to study Fascia release, Tough for Health, neuro training in energy Kinesiology, deep energy healing with Reiki and listening skills in addiction recovery coaching. I am fascinated with the Shaman traditions and love to deepen my understanding of how we can live more freely with ourselves and nature.

I am honoured to co-host this teacher training with my first yoga teacher, Kerry Weavind. She is a true messenger for me in her raw openness, willing to share herself completely to help someone learn more and her wealth of knowledge is invaluable. She gets yoga in every way. This training promises to be one of a kind. Don’t come expecting to regurgitate someone else teaching, you will find your own voice and teach from a place deep within yourself. All it requires is for you to commit to you.