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200 hour teacher training


200 hour yoga teacher training course – PART or FULL TIME –  in hatha yoga – develop your own style and find your Independent Spirit.

Experience a daily practice of yoga to turn the philosophy of yoga into a practical experience of yogic knowledge and being. Find your sacred voice and expression through this personal exploration and integrating knowledge into self expression and creativity.

This is an ADVANCED course to develop your quality of mind. We focus on time spent applying yogic techniques, experience is key. This is a practical, applied awareness and philosophical course that will force you to think about everything you have taken for granted, change the way you see the world and operate in it!
You will discover your essence of BEING, explore the usefulness of the tools of yoga for managing lifes’ challenges and hone your teaching skills.
This course is designed by Kerry Weavind and has been run with huge success for more than 11 years. Kerry has successfully owned and run two yoga studios in Johannesburg since 2004. Her passion for yoga is defined by surpassing intellectual and physical boundaries to find freedom.

The month intensive is all 4 capsules PLUS more!

ONE MONTH INTENSIVE 2018: 5 – 27 March, 2018.


Part time: 3 Modules.

This part time course is a series of modules – module 1 and 2 you can do in any order and module 3 is the final stepping into teaching module.

Module 1

Learn how to teach yoga – the focus is on understanding the body: asanas, alignment, adjustments, sequencing, finding your voice and style and exploring yourself and creativity as a teacher. Yoga knowledge is offered that is excluded from module 2’s specific purpose. Practical assignments weigh quite heavily in time outside of this course.

Module 2

This course starts you on the personal journey of cleansing your physical and mental/emotional bodies using the tools of Yoga. With a ready mind, we will explore the philosophy of yoga and various techniques that will allow you to apply that philosophy into every day life and integrate it into your expression of Self.

If you are not personally invested in the journey of yoga, the knowledge will not integrate as your own and your teaching will remain surface level. This course, and I, invite you to begin with yourself, to take yourself through a deeper experience of yoga and to lay the immense foundation for Yoga Understanding. This is a process oriented course, with lots of opportunity to practice. The practical tools of teaching asana (indepth study of asana and teaching skills) will be covered in the next module. This course is more about your journey with yoga to understand it properly creating a foundation for your teaching knowledge and experiences. As it is taught in the manner in which yoga was handed down, of course, it is a dynamic course, and your interest and questions will direct the flow of information and exploration somewhat also! I look forward to this journey with you!

Course covers:

Daily practice

Yogic lifestyle choices (cleansing the physical body)

Yoga Philosophy

Developing Your mind and consciousness with yogic tools

Yoga Kriya (cleansing your physical body)

Yoga asana alignment from a personal practise perspective


Daytime course: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Module 3:

This is the final chapter where you get to put into practice everything you have learnt and not learnt.

Style of yoga: Hatha yoga. This course will teach you to find and develop your style of yoga from hatha to a stronger vinyasa. A hatha daily practice will be used to balance your emotional body. This practice can be strong or gentle based on your needs but it won’t be fast.

This is the final module including exam and teaching pracs, winding up knowledge into a whole story.

Prerequisite: regular yoga practice of 3 months. I like students to have attempted headstand in their practice. If you haven’t/can’t do it yet, come to me for the guidelines.


Tree of Yoga by BKS Iyengar

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Mukunda Stiles

Krishnamurti: Freedom from the known (any Krishnamurti)

Deb Shapiro Your Body speaks your mind


Your investment for module 1 and 2 is R9750 each.

Module 2 (3 weeks R9750) and 3 (2 weeks R6000)  (*early bird discounts apply or all upfront discount also).


THESE COURSES WERE REGISTERED INTERNATIONALLY WITH YOGA ALLIANCE, USA. RYS200 APPROVED under our old name Haum of Yoga. We have changed our current status, please contact us for info.

Message from Course director

This course invites you to go deeply into yourself and make yoga lifestyle truly a way of living with the purpose of Independence. In-between modules you have the opportunity to integrate and practice, experiment and practice. This course is not just about the skill of teaching yoga, but about teaching yoga from a deep personal experience of it and yourself.

Learn to lead others into their own personal experience of themselves via yoga. This course will first and foremost take you into a deep personal experience of yourself! It is not an easy journey to start looking, to take MORE responsibility for yourself and to live life in this way as a rule rather than exception, and then teach from this self enlightenment.

This course is also available to anyone wishing to deepen and refine their own practice without necessarily wanting to teach.

Cleanse all the layers of your Being through techniques that help you to Change Your Life.

Key Topics

Learning to teach, making adjustments: verbal and physical, to communicate the essence of yoga
Introduction to Pranayama, bhandas and mudras
Philosophy: 8 limbs of yoga, Bhagavad Gita, the evolution of yoga philosophy. Your MIND!
Kriya yoga
Sattvic Lifestyle
Physical and subtle body Anatomy and Physiology
Marketing yourself or your studio
Getting started: CPR, Insurance etc
Karma yoga

Teachers participating in your journey

Kerry Weavind
Kerry began Indie Yoga in 2002, with the first teacher training offered here in 2004. Her own journey of yoga has been one of finding freedom from suffering, through the yoga principles and tools, which she can sincerely say through her own trial and error, are truly a wonderful enlightened gift from the sages! In this course, she shares old knowledge plus her personal wisdom gleaned through her journey on the path that this course offers you. Kerry has a keen eye for detail and ability to read the body, which will certainly add to your understanding of yourself!


Rosalind Dockendorff

With faculty from Indie Yoga


At least 3 months yoga experience in any style of yoga prior to the course. Ability to do headstand is a huge advantage, please email info@indieyoga.co.za to arrange a class to learn this pose.

Course dates

contact Kerry@indieyoga.co.za for details


“I think everyone should do this course whether they are planning to teach or not. I learned everything that I wanted to learn and more. It was challenging, emotional, and more heart and soul than I expected. I learned so much about myself. What a great life journey. Thanks.” Sharni Quinn

“This course was intense, but could be integrated into my life with some sacrifices that were worth it for the knowledge and awareness that I gained.” Charles Edelstein

“I have grown exponentially through this course, there are few things that I have done in life that have given me this grounding, understanding, knowledge and growth.” Di Liebenberg


I look forward to sharing this journey with you.
In-constantly learning, Kerry